National Parks Tour Ecuador and Galapagos

Hallo, welcome to our new website. Let me tell something that no travel agent will ever tell you. Why? Very simple, because they have no idea, as no travel agent in Ecuador knows more than at best 3 or 4 parks in the country, they simply have no idea what the parks system of Ecuador has to offer. That is why Dr. Daan Vreugdenhil, aka the "Parks Man", designed a national parks tour Ecuador and Galapagos. As member of the former selection team of the Ecuador National Parks System, he was uniquely suited to develop a fabulous representative tour, highlighting a great selection of  Andean and Coastal parks. This program can be complemented by a Galapagos and/or and Amazon module. Most importantly, the National Parks tour combines all major cultural highlights in the same itinerary!


Tour Ecuador and Galapagos: The "steeple of the World", Chimborazo.Tour Ecuador and Galapagos: El Cajas National Park visitor center

Rising to the highest parking lot in the world: the 1st mountain shelter in Chimborazo Park at 4800m.

More and more national parks in Ecuador are getting modern quality visitor centers like Cajas National Park.



  1. Ecuador has some of the most diverse climates and landscapes in the world;

  2. The most beautiful landscapes of Ecuador are in its parks and reserves;

  3. There are 50 parks and reserves, each with interesting nature and beauty that can't be found anywhere else;

  4. The most interesting vacations are those that combine culture and nature; Ecuador has both;

  5. Ecuador is a small country and you can easily visit a different park everyday;

  6. Nowhere else in the world can you find so much different lifeforms and ecosystems at such short distances;

  7. There are somewhere around 1650 species of birds recorded for Ecuador, most of which live in the parks and reserves;

  8. With 9 climate zones, there are always parks that can be visited during an optimal season;

  9. Parks vary from rain-drenched Amazon parks, to semi-deserts on the south coast, from chilly high elevation areas to coastal mangroves, from cloud-forests to cactus jungles, from lakes to mountain tops;

  10. Your visit is essential for the conservation of the parks and reserves of Ecuador.

Tour Ecuador and Galapagos: Isla de la plata excursion.Tour Ecuador and Galapagos: Vicuña at Chimborazo.

On excursion through the dry forest of Machalilla National Park.

The Vecuña, one of the rare Andes species is always visible near the glacier of the Chimborazo Volcano.



  1. First of all, because nobody else organizes such tour;

  2. Only Parks & Tribes actually knows the majority of the protected areas of Ecuador;

  3. We trained a limited number of guides to accompany the tours;

  4. We always strife for the most economical solutions in a pleasant 3 star hotel environment;

  5. It is the mission of Parks & Tribes to help protect the protected areas of Ecuador;

  6. Senior conservation biologists of Parks & Tribes who selected the national parks system of Ecuador in the 1970s developed the programs!;

  7. The only tour operator with an Indian tribe as shareholders (Cofan Indians);

  8. Our mission is to protect, not to make money, therefore we strife for economical prices so that more people can participate;

  9. Significant group discounts;

  10. Major Combi-Discount National Parks Tour Ecuador and Galapagos . Ask for details!


How it began

Our jungle biologists started organizing national park tours in the nineteen eighties because we were concerned that many operators of ecotours did not organize tours to the national parks. Most tour operators took - and still take - their tourists to easily reachable patches of secondary forest. In reality, by doing so, they compete with the really important nature reserves. We feell that national parks need to create employment and economic opportunities and that most opportunities were related to visitation of the national parks.


Tour Ecuador and Galapagos: Cuicocha Crater Lake.Tour Ecuador and Galapagos: Birding in Ecuador's Amazon.

Cuicocha Crater Lake near Otavalo is one of the most scenic lakes in the country.

On excursion watching wildlife and birds from the water.


Tour Ecuador and Galapagos: Ingapirca Temple of the Sun with inca wallsTour Ecuador and Galapagos: The Andean Fox is Ecuador's largest canine predator.

Ingapirca is a splendid Inca monument that equals many of Peru's monuments in the Sacred Valley.

The Andean Fox is the largest mammal predator after the Puma. The latter however is very elusive, while the Andean Fox is frequently seen in Cotopaxi National Park.


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