Pictures of People of Ecuador

On this page we share some pictures of the beautiful people of Ecuador. When you visit Ecuador, make sure you keep a keen eye open for the wonderful people of Ecuador. Many Ecuadorians spend family time in the open and wonderful events of life play out right in front of you.


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People of Ecuador: People of Man reading in QuitoPeople of Ecuador: Shoe shine boy Plaza de Republica, QuitoPeople of Ecuador: Shoe shine man, Cuenca

Elderly man reading his newspaper.

Shoe shiners on the different plazas of Ecuador's cities



Mother helping her child off the cable cart in Quito.

People of Ecuador: At the barber's shop, QuitoPeople of Ecuador: Getting a hair cut in Quito

At the barber's shops. Getting a haircut at a local barber's shop gives you a great opportunity to watch Ecuadorians in their daily life.


People of Ecuador: Mother & child Cable Cart, QuitoPeople of Ecuador: Family enjoying on the Pichincha

People of Ecuador: Couple enjoying the view over Quito from PichinchaPeople of Ecuador: Tourists and lamas, Quito

When taking the cable cart to the top of the Pichincha, not only enjoy the beautiful landscape, but also the beautiful people around you.


Indigenous People of Ecuador

Indians of different tribes are wonderful to observe, weather in traditional dresses or just going about their daily family lives.

People of Ecuador: Siona indian family fishingPeople of Ecuador: Otavalo Indian family

Siona Indians on a fishing trip.

Young parents with their first child.


People of Ecuador: Cofan family looking out from their window.People of Ecuador: Cofan Indians in canoe.

People of Ecuador: Otavalo mother and child

People of Ecuador: Otavalo indians having funPeople of Ecuador: Otavalo sales girl on marketPeople of Ecuador: Otavalo woman in traditional dress

Otavalo mother with her baby on her back.

Otavalo Indians going about their business.



Take a look at all those beautiful children, on the markets, in the parks, running in the streets of old town Quito, while others live their joyes lives in the jungle, far away from the perils of the big city.

People of Ecuador: Children entertained at Mariscal Market, QuitoPeople of Ecuador: Children feeding pigeons on Plaza San Fransicco, Quito

People of Ecuador: Bicycle rent at Ejido Park, QuitoPeople of Ecuador: Otavalo girl

People of Ecuador: Children having fun at the swing in Ejido Park, QuitoPeople of Ecuador: A weekend in the Ejido Park, Quito

People of Ecuador: Cofan brothers in canoe.People of Ecuador: Cofan children at Zßvalo village.

People of Ecuador: Cofan boy swimming.People of Ecuador: Cofan child playing in canoe.



People of Ecuador: Secoya girl with face paint.People of Ecuador: Siona woman cooking on traditional fire box.

People of Ecuador: Siona woman prepairing maniok.People of Ecuador: Cofan woman with child.

People of Ecuador: Elderly woman selling beads in OtavaloPeople of Ecuador: Indian woman eating icecreamPeople of Ecuador: Cofan woman prepairing casave.



People of Ecuador: Secocya and Cofan men in traditional dress.People of Ecuador: People of Ecuador: Cofan men having dinner.

People of Ecuador: Cofan men in traditional dress.People of Ecuador: Siona shaman.

People of Ecuador: weaving Amazon hammock.People of Ecuador: Secoya man in the rainforest.

People of Ecuador: Cofan man travelling through the jungle.People of Ecuador: secoya shaman with tourist.

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