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Ecuador - Peru Coast Cruise

The Ecuador- Peru Cruise travels back and forth along the coast, reversing the program upon return.

Day 1: Arrival in Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Pacific  Ecuador - Peru Coast Cruise, starts in Guayaquil, Ecuador

  • After freshening up and depending on how you feel after your international flight, we take you on a stroll along the famous boulevard along the Guayas River;

  • Spend the night on board of the yacht in Guayaquil

There are several additional options: Quito, Amazon Jungle, Galapagos. These are extension, either before or after the tour, depending on the direction that the pax travel (Guayaquil - Lima or Lima - Guayaquil).


Day 2: Discover Guayaquil

  • Morning: Guayaquil's beautifully restored city center with old monumental churches and other buildings;

  • Afternoon: Visit Guayaquil's Boulevard along the Guayas River, the "Malecom" and the city's art district;

  • Afternoon: Visit the Light house while passing along the romantic hill-side passenger streets only accessible by stairs;

  • Spend the night on board of the yacht in Guayaquil.

Day 3:  Churute Ecological Reserve,

  • Morning: Churute Ecological Reserve, South America's southernmost mangrove and coastal tropical rainforest;

  • Afternoon: Guayaquil's Open Air historic museum;

  • At night the yacht will take you to the Harbor of Machala (180 km).

Day 4: Petrified forest and dry forest

  • Morning: one of the largest concentrations of petrified forests in the world;

  • Relaxing in the Hillary Resort;

  • At night the yacht will take you to the harbor of Nuro, Organos  (200 km)

Day 5 Coast Peru: Nuro, Organos, marine Turtles and Mancora Beach

  • Morning: A stroll along the fishing pier of Nuro, Organos, watching the fishermen and hundreds of marine turtles feeding on fallen fish. Optional swimming with the turtles. This is a unique view worldwide. Nowhere in the world will you see so many marine turtles surfacing and flocking together.;

  • All the rest of the day: most famous and yet cozy family beach of Peru's coast, Mancora Beach 25km north of the harbor;

  • At night the yacht will take you to Bayovar harbor (180 km).

Day 6: Illescas coastal and desert reserve

  • Morning: the Reserva Illescas bordering the Bayovar Harbor to see a herd of Sea Lions and the different coastal birds for which Peru is so famous. The entry in four-wheel-drive vehicles as this reserves is still totally unique and unexplored. We have special permission of Peru's National Park Service;

  • Afternoon: A relaxing afternoon on a totally virgin beach in the reserve with no other visitors than your fellow cruise guests;

  • At night the yacht will take you to Chiclayo's Santa Rosa Harbor (180).

Day 7: Chiclayo

  • Morning: The world famous Sipan Royal Tumbes and the Lord of Sipan's grave.

  • Afternoon: One of Peru's most impressive museums, the Royal Tumbs of Scian;

  • At night the yacht will take you to Salaverry (Trujillo) Harbor (185 km).

Day 8: Trujillo Old Town

  • Morning: Trujillo City tour;

  • Afternoon relaxing on Huanchaco Beach;

  • Spend the night in Salaverry harbor.

Day 9: Trujillo Huacas de Moche and Chan Chan

  • Morning: the Huacas de Moche: The Temple of the Moon and the Temple of the Sun;

  • Visit the Huacas el Moche Museum;

  • Afternoon, one of Peru's greatest monuments, the beautifully restored UNESCO World Heritage Site, the desert citadel of Chan Can;

  • At night the yacht will take you to Chimbote Harbor (110km).

Day 10: Pato Canyon and Huascaran National park

  • Morning: a bus will take you through Peru's most dramatic "Canyon del Pato" to the Huascaran National Park.

  • Afternoon: Visit the turquoise blue Llanganuca Lake in Huascaran National Park;

  • Spend the night in a hotel in Patio del Rey or Andino Club Hotel.

Meanwhile the yacht sails to the harbor of Supe, Barranca (200km)

If you don't want to spend the night in a hotel, we can skip Huascaran National Park, return to Chimbote after the Pato Canyon. There are quite a few casinos in Chimbote for an evening program. The yacht would sail down to Supe, Barranca, from where another but less interesting park can be visited, and a few hours on the beach until continuing to Callao, Lima at night.

Day 11: Huascaran National Park

  • Morning: Visit Huascaran National Park Ulta Valley to the Cancara Lake. The Huascaran mountains are South America's highest mountain range with beautiful views of the snow-capped mountains. Passing by South America's highest mountain, Huascaran (6700m) and the world's highest tunnel (4736m), Punta Olimpica.

  • Afternoon: bus to the harbor of Supe, Barranca where the yacht is  waiting;

  • At night the yacht will take you to Callao (180km) Lima.

Day 12: City tour Lima

  • All day: Plaza de las armas and Old Town Lima;

  • Lunch in the Taberna Queirolo;

  • Early afternoon: Visit the World famous gold Museum;

  • Evening: Barranco Outgoing coastal neighborhood;

  • Spend the night on the yacht.

Day 13: Lima's

  • Visit the Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum, Peru's best museum;

  • Have lunch at the Huaca Juliana (visit optional);

  • Visit one of the many outstanding Peruvian art markets;

  • Evening: stroll at the beautifully lit Plaza de las armas and dinner;

  • Spend the night at the yacht.

Day 14: Return home or extension

Extensions can be: Cusco - Machu Picchu (3 days), Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu (5 days).

From here, the yacht can reverse the tour, while passengers get city tours according to wishes.

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