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Parks and Tribes is a social corporate responsibility company. Another corporate social responsibility company is news of finances and taxes from the UK.

This website attempts to provide useful information about national parks and reserves as well as other tourism attractions of Ecuador. However, none of the information on this website is contractually binding and we can't guarantee that the information provided here is always correct. Some of the photographs are taken in other areas and by different photographers over the period of many years and during different times of the year. It is impossible to see all the species shown here during a single trip to Ecuador. These pictures are merely an indication of possible life forms one may encounter during one of the excursions we organize for you, without any guarantee that any particularly species will be seen at any given time. 


With regard to malaria, Parks and Tribes Ltda. refers to the occurrence report of the World Health Organization. In general, Parks and Tribes, Cia Ltda. does everything in its ability to provide a responsible, healthy and safe travel experience to its clients. However, as a tourism  corporation, it cannot provide armed protection to its clients. Its responsibilities regarding the health and safety of its clients are determined under Ecuadorian law.


A number of our pages is outdated but kept on line so that people who may use the outdated url (web address) may still find the website, from where they will then be directed to the active pages.


If you believe that any information we are posting on this website is incorrect or incomplete, please email us. We will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect.


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