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Museum / cultural center

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Botanical Garden


Cerro Colorado, Ciudadela Las Orquideas, Av. Francisco de Orellana

About 700 plant mostly native species in simulated natural habitats outside and in greenhouses. Also a butterfly house.

Casa de La Cultura including the Museo de Arte Prehistórico Carlos Zevallos Menéndez

Tu-Fr 10-18 Sa 9-15

Carlos Cevallos Menéndez de Octubre 1200 & Pedro Moncayo

Archaeological, historical museum with inter alia important collection of pre-Colombian golden art objects. Colonial art includes paintings and sculptures.

Museo Amantes de Sumpa

Th-Tu 9-12:30 15-17:30

Vía La Libertad in the town of Salinas

Historical archaeological museum. The people of Santa Helena Peninsula throughout its history.

Museo Antropologico y de Arte Contemporaneo (MAAC) del Banco Central

8-18 Sa-Su 11-13

José de Antepara and 9 de Octubre

50,000+ archaeological objects, 3,000 modern art objects and archaeological, historical and art library.

Museo Banco del Pacífico

Tu-Sa 9-18

P. Icaza 133 and Av. Pichincha


Museo Coronel Felix Luque Plata

Tu-Sa 10-14

Plaza Colon S/N

Fire Fighters Museum

Museo Farallón Dillon



Lighthouse overlooking the Guayas River

Museo Francisco

8-12 14:30 -18:30

Campos Lizardo Garcia 225 and Velez


Museo Histórico Bae Calderón

Tu-Fr 9-16 Sa-Su 10-14

Cañar & 5 de Junio


Museo Miniatura


Malecóm Simon Bolivar

Scenes in miniature about the history of Guayaquil.

Museo Luis A Noboa Naranjo




Museo del Municipal de Guayaquil

9-12 15-18

Sucre & Chile

Displays: Archeological objects, colonial documents, ethnological objects, photographs and personal objects of people playing a role in the independence of the city at the beginning of 19th century.

Museo de la Música Popular Guayaquileña Julio Jaramillo




Museo Naval Almirante Illingworth

8-12:30 14-16

Malecón & Clemente Ballen

Naval history of Ecuador with restored warships.

Museo Presley Norton

Tu-Sa 9-17

9 de Octubre and Carchi

Archaeological museum about the "Life and Customs of the Settlers of Ancient Ecuador". The objects belong to the periods; Formative (4200 BC – 500 BC), Regional Development (500 BC – 500 AD) and Integration (500 AD – 1530 AD).

Museo Nahim Isaias B.

Mo-Sa 10-17

Clemente Ballen and Pichincha 2nd floor

Colonial art museum with paintings, sculptures and other objects from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

Museo del Sitio Arqueológico El Mongote Real Alto

Su-Fr 9-17 Su 9-16

Carretera to San Linas Chanduy


Parque Histórico Guayaquil


Av. Rio Esmeraldas

Guayaquil Open Air museum where important historical buildings have been removed brick by brick, as well as nature and wildlife as well as historical cultural of the 19th century.

Botanical Garden, Guayaquil

Presley Norton Museum

Nahim Isaias Museum

Miniture Museum Guayaquil


Casa de Cultura Guayaquil


Enjoy visiting the Museums of Guayaquil!