Museum / cultural center

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Casa de la Cultura, Núcleo del Azuay

M-Su 8-18

Sucre and Benigno Malo

Modern and historical art.

Catedral El Sagrario, Museo de Árte Religiosa


Mariscal Sucre y Luis Cordero

After the construction of the Inmaculate Conception Cathedral the El Sagrado Cathedral was no longer used and is now a museum for religious art.

Museo Arqueológico de las Culturas Aborígenes

8:30-18 Sa 9013

Calle Larga 5-24 & Hermano Miguel

Pre-Columbian and recent Indigenous objects.

Museo Arqueológico Universitario

8:30-12 14:30-18

Honorato Loyola 2-42 y Agustín Cueva

Some 5000 pre-Colombian items in 4 expositions representing important archaeological eras.

Museo Arqueológico López Abad


Av. Jaime Roldós, 150m before the roundabout

2000+ archaeological items.

Museo del Banco Central also know as Museo Pumapungo

8-18 Sa 8-13

Calle Larga & Av. Huayna Capac

Exposition: archaeology of the Cañaris and Incas, ethnographic exposition of the indian cultures of Ecuador, monetary exposition and religious and colonial art exposition of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The museum also includes the Pumapungo archaeological site.

Museo de la Identidad Cañari

9-18 Sa 9-13:30

Presidente Córdova 6-26 & Borrero

500 pre-Columbian archaeological items of the Cañari, Inca and other cultures.

Museo del Centro Interamericano de Artes Populares CIDAP

9:30-3 14-18

Hermano Miguel 3-23 & La Escalinata

More than 7000 modern art items from Latin America.

Museo de Esqueletología “Doctor Gabriel Moscoso”

10-13 16-19 Sa 10-14

Bolívar 6-57 & Borrero

Collection of 150+ skeletons from the 19th century.

Museo Manuel Agustín Landívar

8-13 5-18

Calle Larga 2-23 & Manuel Vega

Archaeoligical museum with 20,000+ objects.

Museo de Geología Marco Tulio Erazo Vallejo




Museo de la Medicina Guillermo Aguilar Maldonado

8:30-12 13:30-17

Av. 12 de Abril

Collection of historical medical and surgery tools

Museo de los Metales

10-12 15-17

Alfonso Moreno Mora 1-51 & Av. Solano

Pre-inca metal objects.

Museo del Monasterio de las Conceptas

9-13 15-18, Sa 10-13

Hermano Miguel 6-33, & Juan Jaramillo

Religious art in the former infirmary of the monastery dedicated to the Virgin María.

Museo Municipal de Arte Moderno Luis Crespo Ordoñez

8:30- 3 3-18:30 Sa 10-13

Sucre 1527 & Coronel Tálbot

Museum of Modern Art in the restored historical building Casa Temperancia, a recovery center for alcoholics before becoming a prison.

Museo de Remigio Crespo Toral

8:30 - 13 15-18:30

707 Calle Larga and Borrero

8000 archaeological, historical and art objects, including Cañar and Chordeleg gold items as well as pre-Colombian ceramics. Furthermore a collection of colonial paintings and sculptures and religious art.

Museo de Ciencias Naturales Benigno Malo


Av. Fray Vicente Solano 2-58

Natural history museum with a considerable collection of animals.

Museo del Sombrero de Paja Toquilla

Shopping hours

Calle Larga 10-41

The Rafael Paredes Panama Hat shop has historical Panama hat production items as well as a production workshop where you can see panama hats being produced by the workers. Probably one of your best opportunities to buy a Panama hat from an enormous collection of traditional and creative modern models for men, women and children

You can't visit Cuenca without going to the Banco Central Museum which also is home to the Pumapungo archaeological site, the ruins of the pre-Colombian city on which Cuenca was built. The museum itself showcases the archaeology of the Cañaris and Incas, an ethnographic exposition of the indian cultures of Ecuador, a monetary exposition and religious and colonial art exposition of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.


Colonial Cuenca: Old Cathedral Sagrario, Old Town Cuenca.

The Sagrario Cathedral, the former cathedral of Cuenca, has been turned into a religious museum and living arts performance center. The interior of the side-chapel.


Panama Hats Museum Paredes Roldán, Cuenca

Panama Hats Press in the Panama Hats Musuem, Cuenca

Panama hat museum and workshop Paredes Roldán.

Museum of Modern Art.



Archaeological Museum of Indigenous art with more than 5000 objects of pre-Columbian and recent historical periods.



Conceptas Monestary, Cuenca

Las Conceptas Museum, Cuenca

Las Conceptas is a little museum in a beautiful colonial house, mostly dedicated to colonial and religious art.


Medical Museum.

Crespo Toral Museum

Modern Art Museum

Cidap Museum