Cuyabeno RIVER Lodge, vs Cuyabeno Lodge

Cuyabeno River Lodge 2 hours AWAY from LAKE CUYABENO vs ORIGINAL Cuyabeno Lodge ON ISLAND IN THE LAKE & Tripadvisors's First Choise!

Often visitors ask us if the Cuyabeno River Lodge and the Cuyabeno Lodge are the same. They are NOT.


Cuyabeno Lodge was built on an island on the best location IN Lake Cuyabeno; the Cuyabeno River Lodge Ecuador at about 2 HOURS AWAY from the lake.

This is an important difference, because Lake Cuyabeno and its surrounding creeks and swamps is the most interesting and scenic part of the reserve, with the greatest abundance of wildlife and birds.


From its island, the Cuyabeno Lodge overlooks the entire Cuyabeno Lake from its canopy observation tower. Moreover, the Cuyabeno Lodge is managed by conservation biologists who know what the Amazon is all about. Of course you have to make your own choice, but if you want to spend most of your time on the most scenic part of the reserve without having to shuttle back and forth all the time, our lodge  is the place to be. 


Cuyabeno Lodge

The Cuyabeno Lodge is an ecofriendly lodge, specially built to start ecotourism in the Cuyabeno Faunistic Reserve in the 1980s when the area was heavily threatened. That was the reason why the Government granted a license and the Cuyabeno Lodge, still is the only lodge officially licensed by the Government. Being the first, we obviously chose the best location, which is on the only hill on the Cuyabeno Lake. Moreover, the Cuyabeno Lodge has several deluxe rooms, 24 hours per day of solar energy, hot showers for all our visitors and super silent electrical outboard motors for our excursions. The guides of our  Ecuador Amazon rainforest lodge, the Cuyabeno Lodge, are widely known for their knowledge about birds as well as other Amazon Jungle Animals and Amazon Rainforest Plants. Check our Cuyabeno Lodge rates. Of course, it is entirely up to you to chose between the Cuyabeno Lodge and the Cuyabeno River Lodge, but we felt you needed to know that these are not the same. Moreover, our lodge is the most modern lodge in the entire reserve, with several new deluxe rooms and modern facilities.


OUR CUYABENO LODGE has been elected among 2015 Ecuador's 25 best hotels:


CUYABENO RIVER LODGE vs CUYABENO LODGE [REVIEW]:2 hours away from  Cuyabeno Lake.CUYABENO RIVER LODGE vs CUYABENO LODGE [REVIEW]:Cuyabeno River Lodge lacks quality bathrooms.CUYABENO RIVER LODGE vs CUYABENO LODGE [REVIEW]:Amazon canopy observation tower for Cuyabeno Lodge.CUYABENO RIVER LODGE vs CUYABENO LODGE [REVIEW]:Cuyabeno Jungle Lodge comfortable rooms

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The Cuyabeno River Lodge, Ecuador is located in the Upper watershed of the Cuyabeno River on a location from where it takes a 2 hours canoe trip each way to get to the park's prime  location, the Cuyabeno Lake, while the Cuyabeno Lodge is located on a seasonal island IN the Cuyabeno Lake, from where you can enjoy the lake view all day from your room, the restaurant and the deck.



Cuyabeno Lodge:

Shyris Park Building, Av. de los Shyris N36-188 & Av. Naciones Unidas, Office 608, 6th floor, Quito

Phone Office: (++593) (0)(2) 292 6153

Cell (mobile) phone: (++593) (0)999 80 3395


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Email: [email protected]